Greek Mountain Tea - (Mount Othrys)

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Please see the Greek Mountain Tea page in the main menu for a full description of the famous Greek mountain tea. This offering of Greek Mountain Tea comes from Mount Othrys in the Magnesia region of Central Greece. It is the variety known as Sideritis Raeseri. It has been tested it for antioxidants by Brunswick Labs, ( the leader in bio-analtyical testing. One ten ounce serving of our Mount Othrys Greek Mountain Tea has an ORAC 5.0 antioxidant score of approximately 7,000 and approximately 120 mg of polyphenols. 

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8 Reviews

Apr 3rd 2017

Great Product

Delicious tea, very refreshing and good for you. I highly recommend this product to friends and family!

Jan 17th 2017

Awesome herbal "tea"

I'm new to Greek tea but being a "tea" enthusiast, I was interested in trying this after reading about it. Of course it's not traditional tea, it's herbal, but you knew that right. The taste is complex and earthy, but mild and subtle at the same time. Good stuff. It's ok plain but I find adding some honey really opens it up. The brew technique is a little different than most herbals. Here you actually boil it for 3 or 4 mins and then let it steep for 5 or 6 minutes after that. Letting it go longer does not hurt the taste it only makes it better so go ahead and let it steep for 10 mins if you want. Enjoy.

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