How should I brew Klio teas?

With the exception of Greek Mountain Tea, our herbal teas are brewed by steeping in hot water. Please see our brewing instructions posted under each tea on the Shop page. Greek Mountain Tea is best when boiled briefly as part of the steeping process. Please watch our short video on how to brew Greek Mountain Tea. Brewing Klio Teas

Are Klio Teas available in traditional tea bags or sachets?

Our teas are only available in loose leaf, whole form because that’s the way nature intended it!  We believe that the mechanized processing required to do this will impact the quality of our teas and cause premature oxidation of the beneficial essential oils and a degradation of flavor and other important properties.  From the mountainside to your cup, we want to make sure you have the freshest, most flavorful tea possible.  Our herbs are carefully picked by hand in Greece and delivered to you in their natural state. A bit less convenient than a tea bag, but its a small trade-off for quality. Check out our blog post for more on this topic, including the origins of the tea bag.

Are all of your teas organic?

Yes, all of our teas are EU and USDA Certified Organic. Toxic chemicals and pesticides that are potentially harmful to people and the environment are not our cup of tea.

Are your teas gluten-free?

We have not pursued a "gluten free" certification because to the best of our knowledge herbs do not contain gluten. Our teas are packaged in our own facility (in Santa Barbara) in which we only processes our herbal teas. We do not share our facility with anyone, or lease our facility to anyone ,or allow anyone who is unauthorized to enter our facility.  100% of our processing is handled in our facility,  we do not use contract manufacturers (co-packers).

Why are your shipping options so limited?

We are committed to providing our customers with the convenience and value of free shipping. Accordingly, we ship via US Postal, which is more cost efficient.  And it is also a “greener” way to ship, since the US Postal is going by your home everyday anyway – we just ask them to drop some tea off on the way! Much "greener" than having a large truck make a special trip to you. We hope our customers will appreciate that a slow drinking product may take a little more time to get there. Not too mention an opportunity to gloat over their significant contribution to global carbon reduction:)

Do you sell your herbal teas outside of the United States?

We currently only offer our herbal teas in the US. But we can't wait to start selling into Canada and Europe and are working to make that happen. We'll let you know when to put the water on to boil!

Can your teas be served cold as Iced Tea?

Yes! Our Greek Mountain Tea is particularly enjoyable as an iced tea. Smooth and refreshing with a pleasant aftertaste and long finish. Just make a larger batch and put it in a pitcher in the fridge for the whole family to enjoy throughout the day. Our Greek Louisa is also excellent cold. We prefer the others hot, but feel free to experiment as your tastes may differ. Please visit our "contact us" page to let us know what you discover as you experiment.

Do any of your teas have caffeine?

Our teas are naturally caffeine free, made only from herbs grown in Greece. They make for a soothing drink any time of day or evening.

How long do Klio teas last?

When stored properly, they can be enjoyed for two to three years and in some cases even longer. But they're so good and good for you, so why wait that long? Drink up!

How should I store my tea?

Store it in the resealable rice paper pouch it comes in or an airtight container. Avoid exposure to moisture, excessive heat, light, air and strong aromas which can be absorbed by the tea. Do not store in the refrigerator or freezer. And you can reuse or recycle the bag.

Are your teas safe for consumption during pregnancy?

We have not performed tests that would give an indication of whether or not they are safe to consume during pregnancy, so you should consult your health care provider on this topic. We have read that Sage tea should be avoided by lactating mothers as it may result in a reduction in breast milk.